Park Solmas was a non-powered human before dying during Crisis in Olympus.
Park Solmas

Park Solmas
Real Name
Park Solmas
Franklin Solmas (father, deceased), Emily Solmas (mother, estranged), George Bronce (uncle, deceased), Harvey Solmas (brother, estranged)
February 22, 1993, Detroit, Michigan
First Appearance



Park was born on February 22nd 1993 in Detroit, Michigan. He was raised in a military family and trained by his father Franklin Solmas in hand-to-hand combat from a very young age alongside his older brother Harvey. Five years after Park was born his father became extremely paranoid prompting Park's mother Emily Solmas to leave.

After Park's mother left his father moved around a lot never staying in any place for over a few months. When Harvey turned eighteen he went his own way, this had a largely negative affect on Park and created a deep animosity between the two. Harvey's departure convinced Franklin to stop training Park out of fear of losing his family completely, however Park wanted to learn more. After his father stopped Park looked to his uncle George to teach him more about fighting.

When Park was fifteen his father died of liver disease leaving Park in his mother's care. However Park saw both Emily and Harvey as people who had abandoned him in the past which ultimately led to his decision to run away. He spent the next three years travelling from city to city. At some point during this time he stayed in Portland, OR where he met Elizabeth Walsh. They had a bried relationship that ended after Park left Portland because he disliked the weather. The two kept in regular contact until Park's death.

Park returned to Detroit at some point where he settled for a while. While in Detroit he witnessed a mugging turned rape and tried to intervene. Although he managed to fight off would be rapists he was stabbed during the fight which resulted with him being hospitalized. Because of his admission to a hospital his mother was alerted to his whereabouts and Park was once again left in her care. After six months he turned eighteen and resumed wandering the country after he was released from the hospital.

After he left his family Park joined Cash Inc. and Fox Company although he was not very active in either before his death. He spent a lot of time in Loners Nightclub and Redemption Park. He began to work in small time arms dealing and petty crimes such as underage drinking and petty theft and one instance of grand theft auto.

While at Redemption Park he met a demon halfbreed named Arturia. The two initially developed a friendship that revolved around playful banter and Arturia using Park's money to buy clothes and stuff. Unfortunately this resulted in Arturia stabbing Park in the chest and eating his jugular vein when she was 'feeding'. Park only survived this event because of his friend Victor, an Olympian god, who resurrected him using some divine resources.

Park assisted Victor in an assault on Olypus alongside Alceus, Angeni and the Umbra Sorccerer to take the throne from Zeus and return it to its rightful monarch Vasilias. During the fighting Park was killed by Zeus though not before setting off an explosion that took out a large chunk of the opposing army.


Park was estranged from his family.

He knew an Irish mercenary named Cain although an incident that involved a fallen angel and a stolen ferrari ended any semblance of a friendship they had and left Cain with an intense hatred for Park.

Park befriended a rastafarian named Joey Goodings at a fight club and during a brief stint at the Savage Lands.

Park also befriended a synthetic android named Em during his time in the Savage Lands. Their friendship was based mostly on Park teaching her about humans.

Victor was Park's best friend and the two often hung out. Victor saved Park's life after Arturia killed him in Canada and Park repaid the favor by helping his friend settle some volatile family business.

Park was also good friends with Arturia, a half-succubus half human girl who he met in Redemption. Although Park liked Arturia she initially refused when he asked her out on account of her being a succubus and needed multiple partners for feeding. Park did love Arturia although he never expressed it.

Abilities & Weaknesses


  • Fighting Abilities: Park was a skilled fighter having been brought up in a military family. He was trained in Muay Thai, Krav Maga and Boxing to a level of profficiency and had studied Capoeira although he rarely used it. He was also well versed in SOC-P but didn't employ it due to a dislike of firearms.


  • Equipment: Park has a vast knowledge of knives which he uses through a large collection of bladed weapons. He has two M1911s although he almost never uses them. Park utilizes explosives ranging from EMP grenades to plastique most of which he made himself. He also managed to reverse engineer some S.P.I.N. Tech.
  • Park has two special knives. The first being and adamantium blade with an awkward hilt because he had to make the knife from a shard of the metal and he couldn't change the weight or shape of the shard. The second is a vibranium-adamantium blend that's hald survival knife and half machete that he bought from Cain.
  • Along with those he also gave a handmade dagger to Arturia that had a lining of diamond edge to prevent wearing down the blade.

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